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Aloha Pacific Pool & Spa Service Pricing

Hawaii Pool Service Guys Our average weekly pool service is $125.00 a month with all chemicals included.  A pool and spa combo will be approximately $130.00 and salt water pools are generally $10.00 less per month.  Please call us for an exact quote.

  • Beware of some companies that may only charge you for the service and do not include the chemicals as they may charge you $90.00 a month for service and then charge $60.00 a month extra for chemicals ($150.00 total).  We are willing to do this as well if you like, almost anything can be arranged.

Free Pool Service

If you are a little more self reliant about your pool we can make special arrangements for two visits per month at $85.00 .

Our hourly repair rates start at $65.00 for pumps and filters and goes up to $95.00 for heaters and Spa Packs.

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