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Pool and Spa Tips & Tricks


Hawaii is a tropical paradise. The same reasons we love Hawaii cause our pools to have so many problems with algae. We have warm weather year round with lots of sunshine and rain. A perfect place for green, yellow and black algae to make a home. Pool chemistry is all about…Read more: Algae

Equipment: Pumps, Heaters and Filters

The most common problem with pumps are clogged impellers. If the pump is not priming or flowing well or at all, you may have a clogged impeller. This problem is most common in the 1/2 HP pumps because of the small outlets on the impeller. A 1HP pump will usually let most stringy leafy debris and rocks fly by….Read More: Equipment

Salt Water Pools

The common misconception about salt water pools is that they are like the ocean. On the contrary Saltwater pools have very little salt in them and they are very comfortable to swim in. You will not feel salty when you dry off…Read More: Salt Water Pools